Monday, September 6, 2010

Big Mistake

Had a wonderful Labor Day weekend visiting friends and family!  We had anticipated adventuring off of our Phase 3 diet in order to eat whatever was served at a wedding Saturday evening.  Unfortunately, with that in view, we gave in a bit early and then continued after the wedding to eat whatever we wanted that was convenient.  One lunch, we were in such a rush that we ate at a local burger place!  The next night, we met up with some friends at an Applebee's, and the morning after went to breakfast with my family.  Though the omelet I ordered there used farm fresh eggs (and was delicious), the biscuit on the side was definitely not on our approved list.  You may be thinking, "OK... and? Big deal, you ate normal again".  Well... think again!  It was a big deal because now we are both sick!  Our body's were not very happy with us all weekend (stomach aches, head aches, and fatigued), and now our immune system is so rocked that we are both sick with sore throats.  Not to mention how exhausted we are still feeling!  I am utterly convinced that eating healthy makes a difference!  And stumbling off for even a few meals, can undo a lot of what your body had recovered from.  Stay strong and continue on the path to healthy eating!      

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