Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Grace and Granola (& Phase 3!)

I am overwhelmed by how good God truly is.  He takes care of every detail of our lives because He cares for us! How often do we take a moment to stop. be still. and think of His incomparable grace towards us?  The other day I was stressing over something and WHAM! The Holy Spirit reminded me...  His grace IS sufficient!  If He died for me... orchestrated all the prophecies to fall into place, gave up His Son to die an excruciating, humiliating, and undeserved death so that I can spend eternity in His presence, than I'm pretty sure He's more than able to work out whatever thing may be troubling me in this short little life.  Despite whatever the circumstances may be, I will choose to rejoice!  I will respond in gratitude for His grace. I will choose to trust Him.

Today we started Phase 3... the last phase of The Maker's Diet.  We ate some steel-cut oats (soaked for 24 hrs prior) with vanilla, cinnamon, and sliced banana.  Tasty. Filling. Healthy. And good for energy!  For lunch we ate chicken tacos with all-natural cactus tortillas and pepper-jack cheese.  But what I'm REALLY excited about is a granola recipe I'm making!!! Seriously, I wish there was a way I could post the aroma this mixture gave before, during, and after baking.  The smell was scrumptious! I had some of the mix before baking and... WOW!!!! When they are finished, they have almost a chewy cookie texture, but are way healthier and just as yummy (if not more)!  You have got to give this one a try! It was real simple, too.  I used soaked and dehydrated nuts, but I don't know if that's necessary since they get baked to 350 degrees for this recipe anyway.. Hmm..? 

I modified my recipe from these two:

Let me know how yours turn out!

Still too crumbly to take out of pan; but not too crumbly to enjoy! So delicious!!!

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