Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hallelujah for Phase 2!

Yep, that's right... today is the first day of Phase 2! We made it through 14 days of Phase 1, and man are we stoked to be done with that! I will post up our menu from Days 10-14 soon... yet at the moment, I am too excited over what we get to eat now! LOL.  Today I made a Three Bean Chili and I don't really have a recipe for it because I simply made my own!  Very exciting for me, as I have always been a recipe-dependent cook.  With the start of this new phase, I just felt like experimenting and it not only tastes great, it feels great!  We also had some basic scrambled eggs this morning, topped with some salsa.  I didn't snap a pic of the chili today, but I'll post a pic of it tomorrow, as we have plenty for left-overs.

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  1. Sorry! I didn't end up taking a pic of the leftover chili... whoops!